We want to hear what you think about WA Blue Sky services
and how satisfied you are with your support

We welcome your feedback and complaints because it helps us to know what we are doing right, and shows us where and how we can improve our services.

Your feedback could be about:

  • What we’re doing right
  • Things you think we are not doing right
  • Ideas of things we can do better
  • You have the right to complain when you are not happy about the way we provide your services.
  • This can be anything about what we do and how we do it.
  • When making a complaint you have the right to have a friend, family member or advocate with you.
  • You can make an anonymous complaint, but this means we will not know who to tell about what we have done about it.
  1. Listen to you and take you seriously
  2. Ask questions about what happened, why and how it happened
  3. Keep the complaint private and only tell people who are involved in resolving it with you
  4. Keep you informed and involved
  5. Explain the reasons for the decision we make and check to see if you are satisfied

If your concern or complaint is about harm, abuse or neglect we might need to work with the police or other agencies.

To let us know your compliments, concerns or complaints you can:

  • Talk with your Team Leader or a supervisor
  • Speak direct with our Operations Manager or CEO by telephoning 9472 0550
  • Email admin@wabluesky.com.au
  • If the complaint is about our CEO or a Board Member, you can email Chair@wabluesky.com.au

You can help us to deal with your feedback or complaint by:

  • Telling us clearly:
    Explain the full problem and what you would like us to do
  • Telling us quickly:
    Let us know as soon as possible so the facts are fresh in your mind
  • Have a family member or friend to help you make a complaint
  • Use formal advocacy services to help you make a complaint
  • Contact the NDIS Commission if you think we cannot resolve your concern or complaint:

    You can call them on 1800 035 544 or Use the complaint form on their website www.ndiscommission.gov.au