Who We Are

Our Story

Our Story

WA Blue Sky was established by a group of families on behalf of their family members with disability, who wished to have more control in their lives and believed a better future was possible.

The first of many planning meetings was held in 1991, which set the direction of future organisation to be personalised and flexible in how services are offered, and working in partnership with people to create supports that make a difference.

Since 1992, WA Blue Sky has continued to  evolve and has expanded our services across metropolitan Perth, holding true to the Founders’ original purpose.

As we support people with disability move into the NDIS, we remain committed to our vision of supporting lifelong possibilities. We will continue to provide a diverse and comprehensive suite of innovative services, whilst furthering our strong reputation for providing tailored, responsive and reliable supports.

Core to our mission is the fact that people are at the heart of everything we do. We believe people should have the opportunity and support to live life how they choose.

What We Stand For

What We Stand For

What we believe defines the way we work, every day. We recognise that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to disability support, that each person has different needs and wishes.


  • Respect  – We see the person and value individuality, diversity and culture
  • Togetherness – We work together with our customers to get services right
  • Honesty – We really own it and are accountable in all we do
  • Excellence – We do it well and look for ways to do it better.

Supporting life-long possibilities.

At WA Blue Sky we:

  • Celebrate your individuality,
  • Encourage and respect your choices and decisions,
  • Continuously aspire to achieve positive outcomes for you, and
  • Strive for improvement at all times.

Your plan is our purpose.

We support your plan by:

  • Enabling your individual potential
  • Being committed to working in partnership with you, and;
  • Providing you with personalised quality services.

Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability

The Federal Government has announced plans for a three-year Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability. The Commission is expected to start within the next 12 months and make its first report by October next year and a final report by April 2022. 

The Commission website address is https://disability.royalcommission.gov.au

WA Blue Sky Commitment

WA Blue Sky welcomes the Royal Commission. We are committed to providing safe, high quality services for people with disability. We have a zero-tolerance approach to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

WA Blue Sky strives to always provide services in a safe, honest way and lawful way and are committed to the continuous improvement of our services.

  1. We will ensure timely and appropriate access to information requested by the Royal Commission. 
  2. We will make sure we meet our obligations to protect the rights of the people we support and our staff with regards to privacy and confidentiality.
  3. We will welcome any advice or direction from the Commission on ways to improve the safety and wellbeing of people with disability and staff members.
  4. We will continue to encourage anyone with concerns about service safety or quality to speak up and make it as easy as possible to do that.
  5. We will respond promptly to any issues raised to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the people we support and our staff.
  6. We will treat anyone making a complaint or raising a concern fairly and with respect.
  7. We have policies and procedures in place that support our staff to provide safe services.
  8. We continuously improve our workforce, systems, services and facilities to ensure we support people with disability and our staff.

Make a complaint

You can let us know about your concerns or make a complaint by

Finding better ways…

In 2018, WA Blue Sky made a strategic decision to operate as a contributor to the community services sector in addition to providing services, with the objective of improving the wellbeing of West Australian with disability through collaborating within our sector to

  • Improve insight from applied research
  • Ensure ongoing learning and building understanding
  • Share knowledge and information

Why we want to contribute…

As a well-established organisation, WA Blue Sky is committed to the principles and positive outcomes of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for West Australians with disability and their families. We see the risk of not contributing:

  • The NDIS environment is new and immature in Western Australia & transition from State funded services will not be complete until after 2020
  • Over 70% of providers of disability services are small and medium organisations, with an essential and irreplaceable role in building community cohesion, providing opportunities for engagement and building social capital.
  • The largest risk to the NDIS in WA will be lack of high quality and safe specialist services when they are needed by people with disability.

Our activities…

2018 Small and Medium Disability Services Network
2018 Costing and Pricing in Transition to NDIS
2019 Values Based recruitment in disability services
2020 Measuring workforce performance in disability
2020 Safeguarding services to vulnerable people with disability

See our Capability Statement 

Our People

Our People

WA Blue Sky is governed by a Board of Directors, which sets our strategic direction, manages our risks  and oversees our governance around service delivery and quality.

John Richards

Deputy Chairperson
Stephen Wicks

Stephen Strack

Arabella Tolè

Board Members

Chris Shirley

Sue Shapland

Taylor Lawton

Leadership Team

Dena Zarif
Chief Executive Officer

Amanda Cumberbatch
Chief Finance Officer

Cindy Gan 
General Manager People & Culture

Wendy Jones
General Manager Disability Services

Brad Bell
Manager Business Development & Relationships 

Luke Paine
Manager Home & Community

Ruby Xu
Senior Accountant

Back in early 90’s several families decided to create a small organisation to provide a better outcome for our family members with disability, where we are not be a number in a long waiting list or a big company.

Our meeting was held on a beautiful sunny day, and one of us looked skywards saying let’s call it Blue Sky and hence the name we have today.

It was not an easy task to start this Organisation from scratch. Our first service was the development of three individual housing units, in which all involved were included in the design - these became a showpiece for disability services in Perth.

What started as a dream for a small number of parents has gone on to become the organisation we know today, welcoming many new members and service users, and offering different service types and locations.

Laurie and Des Corboy

Founding Members

When I lost my place at a community centre, I had the support to advocate for myself until political intervention made change happen. Without encouragement from my WA Blue Sky team, I wouldn’t have ‘made a fuss’ –  having the confidence and help to feel empowered is the key to make people effect positive changes despite their disability.

John Zino

I don't go the 'extra mile' in the things I do, to seek acknowledgement. I get a sense of fulfilment, walking away with a feeling of accomplishment, in being able to support to the best of my ability.
Being a mother & carer of my son, I can empathise with our service users & their family members, even though all our journeys are different, the care & respect we have for one another, can only make all our lives better

Jenny Adams

Support Worker